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create_divinity's Journal

Imagine Originality
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What Create_Divinity is About:

Though Create_Divinity is for and about a lot of things, mainly it's here to play host for original art. Art includes anything that you have created. Anything that's taken you a bit of imagination, work, and time, we will consider art.

+--Written things

+--Drawn things
+----all sorts
+----any artistic photographs
+----pictures of something you created

+----if you thought of something interesting and want to share it, do so!

+--If there is something we don't see as fitting for this community, don't fret. We'll just kindly let you know [we don't bite].

What Create_Divinity Won't Tollerate:

There are a few things that we will not tolerate, but the issue I most want to stress is stealing. Taking someone else's art [be it written, drawn, or anything else] and claiming it its your own will not be tolerated. No warnings, no stern talking to. Theives will be skidding across the floor with a boot imprint on their rear-end.

+--Stealing Others Work
+--Being rude or intollerant
+--Overall just making the environment unpleasant.

Who Keeps an Eye on Create_Divinity:

Ebony: snickerschick
Katie: whoneedsdeath

Best friends and inseperable, Ebony is creative but forgetful and Katie is creative with a good memory for ideas. Together, they are unstoppable!
[not really, we just like to think we are.]

Create_Divinity's basic rules:

We like babble, we think its amusing. However we all have to remember where to draw the line between babble and flat-out spam. Going off topic would be rather hard, considering the wide range of things this community is for, but we oughta try and stay on topic!

Your life is exciting, I'm sure, but you have your own personal LJ for talking about it! You're welcome to post fascinating things or true stories, or whatever, but please don't turn this into your own personal diary!

Just remember that this is the internet. If you're not having fun, something's going wrong. We want this to be a fun place! Online drama is awful, let's just be friends! =]

+--Be respectful.
+----constructive criticism is highly appreciated.
+----obnoxious criticism is not.

+--LJ cut.
+---- put a description of what your post is outside of the lj-cut.
+---- put the contents of the post inside the lj-cut.
+---- see the LJ FAQ for how to lj-cut.

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